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stefan salvatore 1864 Liste over produkter fra producenter Shortstuff Seeds (Autoflower)

lisbeth skifter gade Shortstuff Seeds (Autoflower) Regulær og Feminiseret Cannabisfrø:

lift emmaljunga barnevogn Above all we are cannabis enthusiasts! Beyond that we are passionate about auto-flowering genetics and their constant improvement.

habit til kvinder We are a group of breeders working in Spain with the aim of producing the best autoflowering cannabis strains in the world. We have all been working with cannabis genetics since the 1990’s and switched our focus to autos in the mid 2000’s when the joint doctor created the original Lowryder strain.

parcelhus med terrasse Once we realised that the joint doctors creation meant that cannabis plants could go from seed to bud in 65 days regardless of how many hours of sunlight they got, we knew Autos were the way forward for us and many other cannabis seed collectors.

charizard pokemon hama We began to experiment with the original lowryder and made selections of the best specimens and used these for a breeding program which lead us to Shortstuff no.1. Shortstuff no.1 was essential a better yielding, more potent version of lowryder and was used as the basis for our breeding program.

poeten herlig en sommernat Once we had suzanne brøgger mand stabilized we started to look at crossing it with photo-period strains so we could add different genetic traits, bigger yields, more potent buds and taller plants while always keeping the auto-flowering trait.
Our first success was everything everything imdb which was a cross of snow white and shortstuff #1. Snowryder is a potent, resin covered white strain which was fully automatic and really took autos to the next level while demonstrating to the skeptics that autos could pack the same punch as photo-period strains.

hvilken valuta bruger man i kroatien From the early days of Shortstuff #1 and Snowryder we started to experiment with more and more crosses and selections and have managed to create a range of auto flowering cannabis strains which is second to none.

sunland baobab bar Our range of autoflowering strains can be divided into 3 main categories from which, most seed buyers can find their exact genetic requirements:
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Dwarf Autos

hvad ser en kat These, like the original lowryder, are very short fast flowering indica dominant strains which are perfect when stealth or a lack of space are important factors. The average height of these dwarf autos is 30-60cm (1-2 feet) and flowering times are 65-70 days
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omformer 220 volt til 12 volt Next generation autos

jakke rock and blue These mid size autos grow bigger than dwarf autos with a height range between 60cm and 100cm (2-3 feet) and produce much bigger yields. The Flowering times are more in the region of 70 days and the potency is very high
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kazimir malevich the oa Super autos

wii fit balance board These are true auto flowering sativas developed by breeder stitch after many years of research and development. Super autos are a totally different type of auto, as unlike most they are sativa dominant so grow very tall and produce massive yields of Hazy, uplifting buds of the highest quality. Super autos are still fully automatic but take longer to finish, going from seed to bud in 100-120 days. The rewards are plants which can exceed 2 metres in height (6’6”) and can yield over 200g (6.5oz) per plant. Super autos work brilliantly indoors but outdoors they really come into their own, being allowed the light and space to truly thrive!
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hvor higtit kanen slage løbe We have now also produced a range of experimental strains which will be realised through a new collection called ‘The Boutique Line’. kanonbåden san pablo ‘The Boutique Line’ contains the most up to date autoflowering genetics which are pushing the boundaries of what can be done with autos. All the strains in theBoutique Line are big, tall, heavy-yielders and have been produced’ in-house’ by Shortstuff’s master breeders.

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mac lipstick ravishing We are constantly working on and improving our core range of regular and feminised autoflowering cannabis seeds and will be periodically adding new strains to our catalogue which will be available through a network of authorised dealers.

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Viser 1 - 26 af 26 produkter