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  • samsonite spinner beige AMINO ACIDS: The L-α-amino acids in HPS Protect are obtained via enzymatic hydrolysis. These amino acids aid the plant in their natural defence system, thereby decreasing the stress that the plant experiences.
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    cliff richard herning The amino acids allow more chloroplasts to be formed. These chloroplasts are essential for photosynthesis to happen. They are therefore crucial for plant growth. By aiding in the photosynthetic process, HPS Protect counteracts the relatively low PAR intensity of high pressure sodium lamps (when compared to LED lamps).

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    hvad ønsker kvinder sig When combining HPS Protect with other substances, the former increases the effectiveness of the latter. This means that nutrients are absorbed more easily by the plants, but also that pesticides have a stronger effect on them.

  • geologisk museum københavn ninja film kvindelig hovedrolle MOLASSES: The molasses that are part of the HPS Protect solution brings many advantages for the plants and the ecosystem they live in. The amount of molasses in HPS Protect is fairly low, but enough to give extra beneficial features to the product.

  • hoteller new york lufthavn la la berlin stofnet MICROBIOLOGICAL ACTIVATION: The sugars in the molasses act as a quick source of energy for the microbes in the soil. When adding HPS Protect to your feeding water, the bacterial and fungal cultures experience explosive growth. HPS Protect is therefore perfect for organic growers that like to feed the soil and its many creatures.

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    ham radio emergency communications The soil may contain minerals in salt form. To keep the plants from burning due to high salinity, chelating agents are very important. The organic molecules that the molasses consists of bond the ions that are in the soil to form a chelated complex. The molasses furthermore adds nutrients to the mix. It is mainly composed of potassium, sulphur and a number of trace elements.

  • fred og humle mosters skur peberkværn BALANCING THE NUTRIENTS: The amino acids and molasses in HPS Protect ensure high levels of nitrogen, potassium, sulphur and some trace elements in the product. However, the balance in which these nutrients exist in the solution is skewed. Phosphorus, magnesium, iron and the missing trace elements are therefore added to HPS Protect.

  • mennesket nedstammer fra tag livet af mig please PERFECT COMPATIBILITY: The nutrients in HPS Protect are perfectly compatible with other fertilizers. Because of the chelating substances in the mixture, the nutrients do not interact heavily with chemicals when mixed together.

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    trekantsområdet i danmark HPS Protect offers your plants a full diet. Although we advise the use of basic fertilizers, plants can be grown solely with HPS Protect. The dosage of basic fertilizer may be decreased when using HPS Protect. This is because the effectiveness of these fertilizers is increased by HPS Protect. Decreasing the amount of basic fertilizers helps to keep the soil life intact and will make sure that more of your money stays in your pocket.


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    lange eng intranet HPS Protect is a mixture of organic substances that are combined together to give the grower an all-round effective liquid. The ingredients in HPS Protect vary from amino acids, to salt minerals and molasses. They are combined to make use of the synergetic effects that they have when used together.

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    david foster wallace Amino acids are organics compounds that contain amine (-NH2) and carboxyl (-COOH) functional groups. Furthermore, each unique amino acid contains a specific side-chain (also: R group). Though every element can be found in an amino acid, the acids are mainly composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. These elements together make up about 500 different amino acids, of which 22 are proteinogenic amino acids. These amino acids create proteins in organisms. They are condensed into polypeptides, of which HPS Protect contains a lot as well. Only L-α-amino acids assimilated by plants.

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    redhead actor jessica The amino acids in HPS Protect improve the stress resistance of plants. The addition of HPS Protect to the plants before, during and after the stress situation helps the plant to recover from and be protected against threats.

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    engelsk tv kok Glycine and Glutamic Acid are two fundamental metabolites in the process of tissue formation and chlorophyll synthesis. These two important amino acids help to increase chlorophyll concentration in plants leading to higher degrees of photosynthesis. More photosynthesis results in higher amounts of carbohydrates (sugar) in the plants’ tissue. This, in turn, will influence the weight and size of the plants and their flowers.

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    hjem er ikke altid 4 vægge The absorption of nutrients via the air is done through the stomata of the plant. Stomata are small pores that are found in the plant’s tissue. Both external as well as internal factors influence the opening and closing of the plant’s stomata. External factors are for instance the presence of light, high or low temperatures, humidity or salt concentration. Examples of internal factors are for instance the amino acid or dormin (abscisic) acid concentration.

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    herlev hospital opgang 102 The amino acids and other organic compounds in HPS Protects act as a highly effective chelating agent for nutrients. First of all, this makes sure that salinity problems in the soil are minimized.

    Secondly, the absorption of nutrients by the plant is increased. Finally, the nutrients are transported more easily inside the plant. The main chelating agents in HPS Protect are L-Glutamic Acid and L-Glycine.

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    kage marengs bær Use HPS Protect with øreringe uden nikkel every water gift for optimal plant health. Plants need varying amounts of HPS Protect throughout their growth cycles. In general, HPS Protect is used extensively in the beginning of the cycle, in order to buffer the advantageous properties of the product. In the table below the amounts of HPS Protect that should be given to plants is presented. Note that a grower should use these quantities for what is the bondi icebergs every 10 litres of feeding water.

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